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Making Toddler Bath Time Simple & Fun

Some love it, some don't like it but will acquiesce, and others kick and scream the whole way; the dreaded toddler bath time. For those lucky parents with kids that don't mind bathing, take a breath and realize how good you have it! For everyone else, here are some tips and tricks for making toddler bath time easier on you and your child.

Keep it Simple

If your toddler bath time has become a big and painful production, let your child know in no uncertain terms that bath time is an unavoidable part of his routine. Once your child is aware of the fact that the dreaded bath is imminent, forge ahead with your plan until completion. It may be difficult to do so, especially if you are at the end of long day and toddler bath time seems more of a struggle than it is worth, but in time your toddler will come to learn that what you say goes.

Parents with toddlers who throw a full-fledged tantrum at bath time may wish to consider sacrificing a little cleanliness for peace of mind, and stretch out toddler bath time to every other day. Once you get your little tyke into the tub, keep playtime to five or ten minutes at the most. Bubble bath is a huge distraction and can be harmful to some children, so it's best to avoid it completely. Conduct one round of hair washing and one full body rinse during toddler bath time, then get you child out of the tub and changed as quickly as possible.


Fun in the Tub

Toddler bath time can be an unpleasant undertaking if your child doesn't enjoy the experience, so adding some fun into the mix can be a big advantage for the reluctant bather. One idea for making a game of toddler bath time is to have a special basket of toddler bath toys that are used exclusively at this time of day. They should be selections that your child loves to play with, and that will hold up well after spending time in the water.

Start out by announcing to your toddler that it is bath time, and ask him if he would like to play with one of his special tub toys. Rubber ducks, Little People figures and plastic animals are ideal choices for tub play. You can even choose from toys and games that are specifically produced for bathtub play, including crayons and finger paints that your child can use to create masterpieces directly onto the tub and tiles. There is also a selection of small fizz-capsules that will change the color of your water when dropped into the tub. All of these fun activities will help your toddler look forward to his bath time.

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